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The case for an established church

Matt Yglesias makes it implicitly, Royal Wedding and the Case for Monarchy: The point here is that it seems inevitable in any country for some individual to end up serving the functional role of the king. Humans are hierarchical primates … Continue reading

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The Search for Transcendence, or Whatever

The New York Times is running a piece today by Charles Blow in which he asks why so many of the children of the “religiously unaffiliated” turn to religion. It’s a mildly interesting question, but the answer is straightforward: the … Continue reading

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Judith Rich Harris & nurture & nature

Since Bradlaugh & Heather have mentioned Judith Rich Harris, I would recommend both of her books, The Nurture Assumption & No Two Alike to any reader who wishes be introduced to behavior genetics.   You can also check out my interview … Continue reading

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The many faces of human nature

Ivan Kenneally and Larry Arnhart continue their dialogue over Darwinian Conservatism. Ivan says: …In the spirit of a “comprehensive science” as described by Leo Strauss, Arnhart recommends a more monistic approach that captures not only our natural inclinations but those … Continue reading

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Sexuality and human nature

A friend emailed me in response to my post below: Interesting example with homosexuality, both because the choice of sexual behavior, pretty much the sort of thing that one would expect the strongest biological constraints on, was apparently needed to … Continue reading

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Truth matters

In Heather’s post she mentioned that at the end of the day for her it is about truth, not consequence, in relation to supernatural claims.  This is a point that needs to be made because intellectuals such as Michael Novak … Continue reading

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