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Merry Christmas One and All…

…on the occasion of this thoroughly enjoyable, marvelously syncretic celebration. “For the people who were shovelling away on the house-tops were jovial and full of glee; calling out to one another from the parapets, and now and then exchanging a … Continue reading

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Shouldn’t it be OccupyHoliday?

Cross-posted on the Corner. Via the Vancouver Sun: OTTAWA — Adbusters, the Vancouver-based magazine that inspired the worldwide Occupy movement, has a new target: Christmas. Calling its campaign OccupyXmas, the anti-capitalist magazine is calling on consumers to buy nothing for … Continue reading

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Happy Eostre Everyone

That early Christianity was a highly syncretic religion is no great revelation (so to speak), nevertheless this Guardian piece on the pagan traditions incorporated within the Easter celebration is (if you discount the irritating hints of nature worship lurking in … Continue reading

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On Christmas

A few years ago I stopped saying “Happy Holidays” as my default and switched to “Merry Christmas.” The main issue for me is that I didn’t want to get hung up on a name. As someone who doesn’t accept that … Continue reading

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Miscellany, December 29

Per John Tierney in the Times, a new review of the literature has “concluded that religious belief and piety promote self-control”, which may help explain why religious belief is often associated with greater success in such goals as personal health … Continue reading

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Have a Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  Also, out of curiosity, what’s your favorite Christmas song? I like “Little Drummer Boy.”

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Miscellany, December 15

Someone has called us the “world’s most boring blog“. I think not everyone must agree, because in the three and a half weeks since we launched we’ve had more than 100,000 page views and, remarkably, 2,300 reader comments. Confirming the … Continue reading

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Washington Christmas display, cont’d

In one of the first posts at this site, Bradlaugh noted the flap in Washington state about how Gov. Christine Gregoire had supposedly — in Bill O’Reilly’s words — “insulted Christians all over the world” by ordering/allowing the adding of … Continue reading

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Miscellany, December 7

Ann Althouse on Bill O’Reilly and the Washington atheist sign: Another December, another battle in the “War on Christmas.” I think the sensible people don’t want to fight about religion, but there are always extremists — pro-religion and anti-religion — … Continue reading

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Religion & Culture

With all the Christmas posts, I thought readers might find this of interest: The Grinch Delusion: An Atheist Can Believe in Christmas.  The fact is that religious traditions are a part of human culture, and they interact with ostensibly non-religious … Continue reading

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