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Halloween is even more splendidly syncretic than I thought: Yes, Halloween Peeps made an appearance at a supermarket near me. Adweek explains: More sweet. Less scary. That’s the promotional campaign, not the ingredient list. The perennial Easter favorite Peeps continue … Continue reading

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Lighting a Candle for Syncretism?

Candlemas (the feast of the purification) is today. A full explanation can be found here, but here’s an extract: Today is a day of purification, renewal, and hope. On this day, exactly 40 days after Christmas, we commemorate Mary’s obedience … Continue reading

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Happy Eostre Everyone

That early Christianity was a highly syncretic religion is no great revelation (so to speak), nevertheless this Guardian piece on the pagan traditions incorporated within the Easter celebration is (if you discount the irritating hints of nature worship lurking in … Continue reading

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