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Nice One, Kirill (Not)

Pope Francis thinks that same-sex marriage is the work of the “father of lies”. The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, dodgy Putin crony Patriarch Kirill may be even more uneasy. Russia Today reported this (my emphasis added) back in … Continue reading

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A Slip?

Over at the Guardian, Nick Cohen highlights an intriguing detail in Pope Francis’s “who am I to judge” remark about homosexuals: Journalists wanted to know whether a “gay lobby” in the Vatican had covered up Ricca’s alleged sins. “If a … Continue reading

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Religion is not the root of all evil

Obviously. In any case, if you want to read some sordid goings on in the ‘skeptic/rationalist movement’, check it out. You should be able to use Google from then on….

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A Pope for the Descamisados?

Over at the National Catholic Reporter, John Allen exults over the undeniable success of the early months in office of the genial, (sort of Peronist) prelate now known as Pope Francis. Some of the rejoicing is over the top—given the … Continue reading

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Round and Round

Over at the American Conservative, Noah Millman is frustrated by the nature of the debate between scientists (or “science popularizers”) and theists. I feel like we go around this track every other month. A scientist or science-popularizer writes an unpersuasive … Continue reading

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On The Importance of Thinking Well

Theodore Dalrymple is too kind in his assessment of the previous pope, a clever man, certainly, but one capable of thoroughly disingenuous argument, but that aside, this critique of some comments made by Francis, his successor, during the course of … Continue reading

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Rolling out Satan

There’s been a lot of discussion recently on the significance or otherwise of what the new pope has had to say about homosexuality. But less about these comments from three years back (via Breitbart): New Pope Francis I is an … Continue reading

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Mission to Moscow (Theocon Edition)

This is about a piece that comes from the Daily Beast, so a few caveats are in order, even if we ignore a headline (“Why American Social Conservatives Love Anti-Gay Putin”) that may not be the work of James Kirchick, … Continue reading

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On The Unlearning of History

An atheist group is opposing the use of a Star of David in the design of a Holocaust memorial that is to be built on government property near the Ohio statehouse: …In the negative space between the two structures is … Continue reading

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