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Sparks at Marks

Adapted from a post at Ricochet: Theotory blogger (and martyred Archbishop!) Cranmer’s response to the decision (discussed here earlier) by retailer M&S to accomodate members of staff who, for religious reasons, do not want to handle pork, alcohol is too … Continue reading

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Sausages, Gender Segregation and ‘Religious Freedom’

Deciding quite where and how a nation should draw the line between its citizens’ right to practice their religions and its own right to protect itself from spiraling down into balkanization has never been an easy thing to determine and … Continue reading

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On the Persecution of Christians by . . .

Cross-posted on the Corner: Cranmer picks up on a curious exchange in Britain’s House of Lords between a UKIP peer (Lord Pearson) and a Conservative minister (Baroness Warsi). The whole thing is well worth a read, but this section, in … Continue reading

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For the Children (Not)

Muscular dystrophy is an inalienable human right (or something). The Daily Telegraph reports: A group of 34 European politicians, including eight British MPs and peers, has signed a declaration attacking plans which will make the UK the first country in … Continue reading

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Teed Off

Cross-posted on Ricochet. The Tab reports: [The London School of Economics] has sparked a free speech row after banning atheist students from wearing t-shirts which depicted Jesus and the Prophet Mohammed. Two members of the uni’s atheist society were threatened … Continue reading

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Rubbish Tories

Cross-posted on the Corner: If recycling is, as the saying goes, the liberal equivalent of prayer, what does this make the rubbish bins of Britain? Over at the Daily Telegraph, Brendan O’Neill gives an update: You would think the solution … Continue reading

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Pastoral Care

The BBC reports: Some young HIV patients are giving up their medicine after being told by Pentecostal Church pastors to rely on faith in God instead, doctors warn. Medical staff told the BBC a minority of pastors in England were … Continue reading

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The Cheerleader

On the whole, patriotic priests are preferable to those preaching the old baloney about the universal brotherhood of man, an impossible, unnatural aspiration that, by definition, can only (if it is to mean anything) be coercive. It is however better … Continue reading

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A Skeptic

From a Guardian interview with Nigel Farage, the leader of Britain’s neo-Thatcherite, euroskeptic UKIP: He won a lot of Tory support by opposing gay marriage, chiefly because it was an affront to religious values. “Tolerance is a two-way street, and … Continue reading

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Via Dolorosa

Grim reading, I fear, for New Year’s Day, but the (London) Daily Mail has a report here on the evolution of the ‘Liverpool Pathway’, a National Health Service procedure which “involves withdrawal of lifesaving treatment, with the [terminally] sick sedated … Continue reading

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