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Sparks at Marks

Adapted from a post at Ricochet: Theotory blogger (and martyred Archbishop!) Cranmer’s response to the decision (discussed here earlier) by retailer M&S to accomodate members of staff who, for religious reasons, do not want to handle pork, alcohol is too … Continue reading

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Sausages, Gender Segregation and ‘Religious Freedom’

Deciding quite where and how a nation should draw the line between its citizens’ right to practice their religions and its own right to protect itself from spiraling down into balkanization has never been an easy thing to determine and … Continue reading

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Something Rotten…

Nick Cohen, writing in The Spectator: Firoozeh Bazrafkan is frightened of nothing. Five foot tall, 31 years old, and so thin you think a puff of wind could blow her away, she still has the courage to be a truly … Continue reading

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Pastoral Care

The BBC reports: Some young HIV patients are giving up their medicine after being told by Pentecostal Church pastors to rely on faith in God instead, doctors warn. Medical staff told the BBC a minority of pastors in England were … Continue reading

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In an earlier post here, Mr. Hume and Jackson Doughart, reacting to an exchange between Glenn Greenwald and Sam Harris, discuss (amongst many things) the way that the notion of ‘Islamophobia’ has been used to try to stifle those who … Continue reading

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Witchcraft. London. 2012.

Via The Daily Telegraph: ‘Political correctness’ is preventing police from stopping child abuse by parents and church leaders who believe in witchcraft, a minister warns. Tim Loughton, the children’s minister, said that a “wall of silence” was obscuring the full … Continue reading

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‘Honor’ Killings

Cross-posted on the Corner: The Daily Telegraph’s Cristina Odone is rightly appalled by the murder of Shafilea Ahmed: Shafilea Ahmed’s parents have been found guilty of her murder. The beautiful 17-year-old Cheshire schoolgirl was killed by her own mother and … Continue reading

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Blasphemy & Identity Politics

This piece by Kenan Melik on the changing definition of blasphemy, at least in the UK (and, by extension, elsewhere in the west) is well worth reading. This, I think, is the key extract: In recent decades, faith has, in … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

2012… And that’s 2012 AD. The substitution of BC and AD with BCE and CE has to be one of the more pointless examples of the language laundering that scars our, uh, era.

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“Liberal Orientalism”

The “farewell apology post” the “Gay Girl in Damascus” stated: This experience has sadly only confirmed my feelings regarding the often superficial coverage of the Middle East and the pervasiveness of new forms of liberal Orientalism. “Orientalism” is a term … Continue reading

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