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Tyndale & More

Here’s Melvyn Bragg writing in the Daily Telegraph on the topic of William Tyndale (and Thomas More): After almost 500 years, Tyndale continues to command our language and when we reach for the clinching phrase, we still reach out for … Continue reading

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About That First Amendment Thing

CBS Pittsburgh: PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Students at Carnegie Mellon say it’s freedom of expression, but the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh calls it inappropriate and disrespectful. At an annual art school parade, a female student dressed up as the pope, and … Continue reading

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New York’s MTA, the First Amendment & the Heckler’s Veto

Cross-posted on the Corner The New York Times reports: [New York’s] Metropolitan Transportation Authority approved new guidelines for advertisements on Thursday, prohibiting those that it “reasonably foresees would imminently incite or provoke violence or other immediate breach of the peace. … Continue reading

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So Unsophisticated, That First Amendment

Cross-posted on the Corner: Eric Posner, a professor at the University of Chicago law school frets in Slate: The universal response in the United States to the uproar over the anti-Muslim video is that the Muslim world will just have … Continue reading

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First Amendment Watch

Cross-posted in the Corner: Writing in USA Today, Anthea Butler, an associate professor of religious studies at the University of Pennsylvania, reveals that she hasn’t quite got to grips with this whole First Amendment thing: [W] hy did I tweet … Continue reading

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Don’t Confuse the Children!

Commenter Kevin S. kindly responded to my earlier posting on Bobby Jindal’s voucher program with a link to this Reuters story. It’s worth paying some attention. An extract: Louisiana’s plan is by far the broadest. This month, eligible families, including … Continue reading

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Former exorcist and current Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal has (to quote the Friendly Atheist) “pushed for a voucher program that would allow state funds to be used to pay for religious schools.” The Friendly Atheist is not so keen on … Continue reading

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For Thee But Not For Me (Ctd)

Cardinal Séan O’Malley , one of the leading figures in the US Roman Catholic hierarchy, blogs: The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision this week upheld the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act’s “mandate” requiring adult Americans to purchase health care. The … Continue reading

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First Amendment Burned in Michigan?

Cross-posted on the Corner: On the face of it, the First Amendment does not seem to be in terribly good shape in Dearborn, Michigan: DEARBORN, Mich., April 23 (UPI) — A constitutional law professor says a trial and the brief … Continue reading

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