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Re: Attitudes Toward Immigration

Mr. Hume:  Excellent post there.  With such a universal desire for less immigration, one has to wonder why the borders are still wide open, visa over-stayers are not tracked, and illegals, far from being deported, are fawned over as a … Continue reading

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Self Censorship

The stone refusal of U.S. news reporters to mention race even when it is obviously the big factor driving a story, baffles and amazes me. This morning’s New York Post carries a full-page story (p.15) by one of the paper’s … Continue reading

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Attitudes toward immigration

Below, Art says: Of course the Republican and conservative segment of the population is strongly anti-immigration … They are strongly anti-illegal immigration. Most conservatives favor legal immigration, particularly skilled immigrants. This is not really true, depending on how you interpret … Continue reading

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How the states align on liberalism & conservatism

Economic, social, and foreign policy congressional conservatism by state, 2008.

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Sometimes heterodoxy is good

I know David Frum comes in for a lot of criticism from the conservatives. Sometimes I think this is justified, as I have found some of his methods objectionable. That being said, I am struck by the fact that Frum … Continue reading

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Paying for healthcare

Tim Harford has an excellent article, A brilliant (and doomed) template for healthcare reform: Yet in one vital way, the systems are exactly the same: at no point during my interactions with either system did I ever have to wonder … Continue reading

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The Romney Paradox

The American Conservative’s Daniel Larison responds to my earlier post on the ‘Party of Huckabee’ here. As always with Larison, the whole thing is well worth a read, but even if I may not agree with everything he has to … Continue reading

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Literary Criticism

The King James Bible is (with more than a little help from William Tyndale), one of the great achievements of English literature, but enthusiastic as I am about its merits, I don’t think I’d go this far: Marc Grizzard, the … Continue reading

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‘Sharia’ Watch

I’m almost always opposed to the death penalty (mainly because I tend to be skeptical of government’s ability to do anything right), so I’m probably biased, but, if this report from the London Times is accurate, it is, to say … Continue reading

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The Party of Huckabee?

Via Rasmussen: Twenty-nine percent (29%) of Republican voters nationwide say former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is their pick to represent the GOP in the 2012 Presidential campaign. Full details can be found here. Palin’s pain has been Huckabee’s gain, it … Continue reading

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