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Obama’s science

Obama says he will “restore science to its rightful place.”  All very nice and anti-oogedy-boogedy.  I’ll believe Obama’s self-congratulatory rhetoric, however, when he stands up to the radical green lobby and considers the case for nuclear energy, a power source … Continue reading

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Science & society

I have a piece up at Taki’s Magazine, The Limits of Certitude. It might be read along with a post at ScienceBlogs, Science is rational; scientists are not. I might as well have labeled it “An argument for conservatism.”

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Way crazier than Creationism….

…is AIDS Denialism.  Christine Maggiore died before the New Year.  Those making excuses for the deaths in this particular family are not good Bayesians.

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Miscellany, January 4

Canadian blog Gods of the Copybook Headings — and is anyone here unfamiliar with the classic Kipling secular-rightish poem (bonus Bradlaugh content!) alluded to in that title? — interviews its founder/chief blogger about his classical liberal views (via); Bon mot … Continue reading

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Who is pro-science, the Left or the Right?

In the comments below I made an assertion to the effect that conservatives are more likely to notionally reject the authority of science, which is one reason that I sometimes focus on right-wing Denialism. On the Left the main analog … Continue reading

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God as Mid-wife

I just caught a glimpse of the grotesque reality show (a redundancy, I know) “17 Kids and Counting,” which chronicles the “family values” of Arkansas evangelicals Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their 17 children.  The segment I saw was … Continue reading

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Metaphysics & mathematics

Edward Feser, An open letter to Heather MacDonald: Now I have claimed – as a great many other thinkers, both secular and religious, would claim – that philosophy, and in particular the branch of philosophy called metaphysics, is another form … Continue reading

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How Much Religious Falsehood Is Acceptable?

 I am returning to the Ed Feser exchange because it relates to a question I have been pondering about sophisticated Catholics and other Christians.    I had asked Mr. Feser if he could suggest an experimental design to test the efficacy … Continue reading

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Is has utility toward ought

Four years ago, Will Wilkinson, stated: … So, I will powerfully counter-assert: a theory of human nature is NOT supposed to be normative. Take that Richard Rorty! A theory of human nature, or at least a theory of homo sapiens … Continue reading

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A model of rational critique?

 Jonah Goldberg posts the “appalled” Ed Feser on secular conservatives.  Apparently Mr. Feser thinks of himself as the opposite of “smugly unreflective and dogmatic.”  Readers can decide for themselves.   I will respond to just one of Mr. Feser’s un-smug, non-dogmatic … Continue reading

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