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Fox News reports: [Cardinal] Dolan…said he was “disappointed” that Congress has failed to pass immigration reform and put the blame on the Republican-led House that has yet to vote on the issue. “You guys have got to get your act … Continue reading

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A Numbers Game?

The Economist takes a look at what America’s Roman Catholic church has been saying about immigration: In America Roman Catholic ears are ringing from sermons supporting immigration reform. On September 8th, just before politicians returned to Congress after their summer … Continue reading

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Nuns on the Bus, Nonsense on a Roll

The leftist Catholic News Service reports: Members of Congress may be out of town and immigration reform legislation may be stuck until at least this fall, but the summer recess has been time for Catholic activists to rally their forces … Continue reading

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On The Importance of Thinking Well

Theodore Dalrymple is too kind in his assessment of the previous pope, a clever man, certainly, but one capable of thoroughly disingenuous argument, but that aside, this critique of some comments made by Francis, his successor, during the course of … Continue reading

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Ah, the Civility….

Gleanings (“important developments in the church and the world”!) reports: President Barack Obama is not the only one preparing for a heavy push on comprehensive immigration reform in the coming months. Today evangelical leaders launched fresh efforts to raise support … Continue reading

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Familiarity in Europe

Swedes Begin to Question Liberal Migration Tenets: But increasingly, Swedes are questioning these policies. Last fall, the far-right party — campaigning largely on an anti-immigration theme — won 6 percent of the vote and, for the first time, enough support … Continue reading

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Building A Better Nation The Labour Way

While we are on the subject of national population development, this new Janet Daley piece from the London Sunday Telegraph makes some interesting claims. Here’s a key passage. So now we know what Labour’s immigration policy was really about. The … Continue reading

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…about those cheese-eating surrender monkeys

France denies citizenship over veil: French officials have denied citizenship to a man because he allegedly forces his wife to wear a full Islamic veil, the immigration minister said Wednesday. “This individual imposes the full veil upon his wife, does … Continue reading

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It’s not always better in Europe (?)

Matt Yglesias makes an observation that many colored people I have known have made (including family members): There’s often a kind of conventional idea on the left that the United States is an unusually racist society. And I think there’s … Continue reading

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Attitudes toward immigration

Below, Art says: Of course the Republican and conservative segment of the population is strongly anti-immigration … They are strongly anti-illegal immigration. Most conservatives favor legal immigration, particularly skilled immigrants. This is not really true, depending on how you interpret … Continue reading

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