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John Fisher: Biter Bit

Writing in the (British) Catholic Herald, Francis Phillips claims that she “feels a shiver when I see the parallels between our world and that of St John Fisher”. The context, inevitably, is of officialdom’s supposed attack on religious freedom in … Continue reading

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Kelly, No Hero

Via CBS: Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Pa., an ardent opponent of the contraception mandate that went into effect Wednesday, is comparing the beginning of the mandate to the attacks on Pearl Harbor and the September 11 terrorist attacks. “I know in … Continue reading

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For Thee But Not For Me (Ctd)

Cardinal Séan O’Malley , one of the leading figures in the US Roman Catholic hierarchy, blogs: The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision this week upheld the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act’s “mandate” requiring adult Americans to purchase health care. The … Continue reading

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A Bitter Pill

Via USA Today: MILWAUKEE – President Obama has opened the first significant lead of the 2012 campaign in the nation’s dozen top battleground states, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds, boosted by a huge shift of women to his side…In the … Continue reading

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On The Economics of the Pill (2)

In an article for Bloomberg News, Virginia Postrel asks why certain types of oral contraceptive require a prescription. Here is an extract: Requiring a prescription “acts more as a barrier to access rather than providing medically necessary supervision,” argues Daniel … Continue reading

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On the Economics of the Pill

Interesting report here in the New York Times: The recent controversy over contraception and health insurance has focused on who should pay for the pill. But there is a wealth of economic evidence about the value of the pill – … Continue reading

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Shocking News

Via the Washington Post, but even so this is not, perhaps, the most surprising news: The fragile gains Republicans had been making among female voters have been erased, a shift that has coincided with what has become a national shouting … Continue reading

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Helping Obama

The polling data relied upon for this Washington Post article is from a Democratic polling firm, but the results should come as no great surprise: The firm’s poll finds that one of the most important factors powering Obama’s gains against … Continue reading

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How to lose a presidential election 101… Via The Hill The top donor behind a pro-Rick Santorum super-PAC said Thursday that contraception doesn’t have to be costly because women used to use aspirin for birth control. “This contraceptive thing, my … Continue reading

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Helping Obama to Victory

If ever the GOP were to score points in the contraception wars it ought to have been at the beginning of the controversy, when it was easiest to frame the discussion in terms of religious freedom. Well, it hasn’t been … Continue reading

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