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Pope Francis: Probably Not The Best Man To Be Attacking ‘Fake News’

Pope Francis  has  been attacking ‘fake news’ again, not for the first time (my emphasis added): The term “fake news” has been the object of great discussion and debate. In general, it refers to the spreading of disinformation on line or … Continue reading

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Pope Francis and “Fake News”

It was perhaps not that surprising that Pope Francis would look to involve himself in the controversy over ‘fake news’. The terms in which he did so were, however, unexpected…. The Guardian reports: Pope Francis has lambasted media organisations that … Continue reading

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The Pope Goes To Strasbourg

Pope Francis gave a speech at the EU parliament last week. There were the usual leftist themes that we have come to expect from this pope (“we encounter certain rather selfish lifestyles, marked by an opulence which is no longer … Continue reading

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Finding order where there is none

Via Andrew Sullivan, Benjamin Wallace-Wells’ examination of American conspiracism in New York magazine: The seduction of conspiracy is the way it orders chaos. Hmmm, that sounds like another phenomenon I could mention, which makes this entertainingly ironic : In the … Continue reading

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What Americans ‘Believe’

Here’s the Guardian in full “wacky Americans” mode: About one in four Americans suspect that President Barack Obama might be the antichrist, more than a third believe that global warming is a hoax and more than half suspect that a … Continue reading

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Obama the Muslim (2)

Over in the Corner, I take a look at some smart commentary on the Obama-is-a-Muslim poll findings.

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Obama the Muslim

The new survey from the Pew Research Center appearing to show that nearly one in-in-five Americans believe that Obama is a Muslim is as depressing as it is (regrettably) unsurprising. Missing however was any data on how many now think … Continue reading

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The Right plays the race card

Right-wing criticism of Obama is not racial, but Obama’s kick in the pants to New York Governor David Paterson apparently is.  Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele told CBS on Sunday: I found that to be stunning, that the White … Continue reading

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