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Facelifts and Tummy Tucks a Form of “Aggression”?

Crux: ROME — A new Vatican document expresses a negative view of elective plastic surgery for women, warning that procedures such as facelifts and tummy tucks can become a form of “aggression” that threatens female identity. Surgical alterations in appearance, … Continue reading

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Why are Catholics Democrats?

Norman Podhortez just came out with a book, Why Are Jews Liberals?. It seems that this as intellectually interesting as writing a book, “Why are blacks Democrats?”, would be. You can tick off specific reasons, but in ethnic terms American … Continue reading

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The decline of American Catholicism?

I have a post up at ScienceBlogs noting the erosion in numbers among American Catholics part of a general shift away from institutional religion.

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The emergence of consensus

As Bradlaugh pointed out below to some extent abortion has become a litmus test which separates the American Left from the Right in the minds of many. Conservative evangelical Christians generally believe that the fundamentals of their faith compel them … Continue reading

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