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How Donald Trump is like Marxism and Psychoanalysis

Recently my Twitter and Facebook timelines have been littered with references to this story: Man, 92, Allegedly Beaten With a Brick & Told ‘Go Back to Mexico’ by a Mom in Front of Her Child. Terrible. It was posted on … Continue reading

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Anti-SJW Sentiment in China

I say anti-SJW, though it could just as easily apply to plain ol’ regular cosmopolitan globalists, I suppose. Here’s an interesting article at openDemocracy on the use of “white left” in China as a racial-cum-political epithet: If you look at any … Continue reading

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“On the Ideology of Anti-Islamophobia”

An interesting criticism of the notion of “Islamophobia,” translated from French, has made an appearance at Charnel House, a Marxist blog that’s nearly equally fascinated by architecture. (They say the last remaining Marxists are to be found in English departments, but … Continue reading

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Liberal Churches Most Discriminatory?

That’s according to new research on display in the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion: This article reports the results of a nationwide audit study testing how Christian churches welcome potential newcomers to their churches as a function of … Continue reading

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This American Life episode on housing discrimination very misleading

Last week This American Life had an episode on housing discrimination, House Rules, which drew upon a ProPublica series, Living Apart – Fair Housing in America. The TAL episode began with a side-by-side comparison of the differing treatments of black … Continue reading

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