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The Catholic Church as Silicon Valley

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry (HT Tyler Cowen) ruminates on the past and present of Catholicism and how it stacks up to the influence of Silicon Valley. In short he claims that it’s, well, falling short in the modern age: A simple glance at the … Continue reading

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Media Suddenly Interested in Muslim Opinion of Gays

After years of ignoring survey data and news reports that weren’t conducive to boosting Islam’s image, so-called new media is leaping on a Pew survey showing American Muslims to be more LGBTQ-tolerant than white evangelicals. Yes, just that particular strain of Christianity, … Continue reading

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Liberal Churches Most Discriminatory?

That’s according to new research on display in the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion: This article reports the results of a nationwide audit study testing how Christian churches welcome potential newcomers to their churches as a function of … Continue reading

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