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Heckuva Job, Akin

Medieval obstetrics expert Congressman Todd Akin crashed to humiliating defeat in his attempt to unseat Missouri’s Senataor Claire McCaskill. The Washington Post reports: McCaskill had 54.7 percent of the vote, Akin 39.2 percent and the Libertarian candidate Jonathan Dine 6.1 … Continue reading

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Huck Rides In

One clown rushes to the assistance of another. Via CNN: Tampa, Florida (CNN) – Mike Huckabee participated in a conference call Friday night with hundreds of Baptist pastors and Christian talk radio hosts in Missouri that was organized to coordinate … Continue reading

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The Science of Akin

From the Guardian, one possible theory for the source of Akin’s idiot ‘science’: The idea that rape victims cannot get pregnant has long roots. The legal position that pregnancy disproved a claim of rape appears to have been instituted in … Continue reading

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Akin: a man of peculiar principles

It is of course sheer political opportunism to seize on Todd Akin’s use of “legitimate” to qualify “rape” as representing his views. There is not a chance that he meant to signify that rape is ever legitimate, but was rather … Continue reading

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Junk Science Watch

Todd Akin lends an assist to the Democrats (the New York Times reports): KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In an effort to explain his stance on abortion, Representative Todd Akin, the Republican Senate nominee from Missouri, provoked ire across the political … Continue reading

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