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Richard John Neuhaus, cont’d

Damon Linker has blog posts up at New Republic here and here, drawing a reply from Ross Douthat (earlier from Bradlaugh). I find this paragraph from National Catholic Reporter very puzzling: From the early 1970s forward, Neuhaus was a key … Continue reading

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“Is it literally true, the Bible?” “You know, probably not.”

Do you think the self-imagined Republican “base” would mobilize against a candidate who talked that way? (via Althouse). (And, yes, I wish the reporter had pinned him down with “inerrantly” rather than “literally”. But still.)

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Perception or Power

What does the secular right want? If you read Kathleen Parker’s latest – and I know she doesn’t speak for all right secularists – you get the strange sense that she wants the way the GOP is perceived to change … Continue reading

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Dreher: problem today is “too much individual freedom”

“Crunchy conservative” Rod Dreher’s new USA Today op-ed is entitled “GOP’s path to victory still goes through God”, and at least he doesn’t shy away from telling us where he stands: Today, the greatest threats to conservative interests come not … Continue reading

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What’s the matter with the Right?

Over at The American Scene, Reihan Salam asks, IS SOCIAL CONSERVATISM THE PROBLEM?: … I doubt that Frum fears a Republican party composed in large part of devout religious believers — rather, I think he’s worried about the perception that … Continue reading

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Ron Guhname, “The Inductivist,” is scathing about Kathleen Parker’s now-famous  “oogedy-boogedy” column. New York City Republicans should become the center of the party. That there are six of them and 100 million born-agains isn’t the point; the NYC-ers are cooler. … Continue reading

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