Dreher: problem today is “too much individual freedom”

“Crunchy conservative” Rod Dreher’s new USA Today op-ed is entitled “GOP’s path to victory still goes through God”, and at least he doesn’t shy away from telling us where he stands:

Today, the greatest threats to conservative interests come not from the Soviet Union or high taxes, but from too much individual freedom. … All political problems, traditional conservatism teaches, are ultimately religious problems because they result from disordered souls.

Less individual freedom. Religion inserted into the management of “all” political problems since they all, without exception, “result from disordered souls”. What an appealing future for conservatism. Do you think Jeffrey Hart might have had a point when he described such a tendency as “toxic to moderate, independent, suburban, young and, more inclusively, educated voters”?

P.S. Some other reactions to Dreher’s column: James Joyner, Dennis Sanders, Doug Mataconis, Andrew Stuttaford.

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