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Romania to decriminalize incest

Romania weighs decriminalizing consensual incest: Three European Union nations — France, Spain and Portugal — do not prosecute consenting adults for incest, and Romania is considering following suit. … Laws exempting parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters from prosecution for incestuous … Continue reading

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Brooks bashes the “new atheists”

David Brooks argues that the view that moral decision-making results from an intuitive, pre-rational engagement with the world, rather than from logical deduction from a set of moral principles, is a  challenge to “the new atheists, who see themselves involved … Continue reading

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On objective ends

Jim Kalb offers a criticism of the general mission statement of this weblog, Is “the secular” so clear?: My own view, which my book goes into at length, is that by itself rational empiricism gives you desire and technique as … Continue reading

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Non-believers we can do without.

Andrew writes: The idea of an atheist ‘movement’ “on the march” is not, I confess, something that fills me with great joy. Especially when its leaders march under such idiotic banners as the British bus ads:  “There’s probably no God.  … Continue reading

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Chuck Colson and science

Chuck Colson has weighed in on the “proper role of science,” in response to President Obama’s inaugural science plug.  Colson’s column is a perfect example of theological panic, the condition that besets a certain portion of the devout when they … Continue reading

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Brother can you spare a bit of Arminianism?

Somewhat related to Heather’s post, God’s Problem, see this fascinating New York Times Magazine piece on neo-Calvinism, Who Would Jesus Smack Down?: Mars Hill — with its conservative social teachings embedded in guitar solos and drum riffs, its megachurch presence … Continue reading

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