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Left-Right synergy that could have been

This is not the time to be talking about Left-Right alliances. I know. But this piece by Kevin Drum got my attention. He’s responding to the fact that asthma inhalers are very expensive because of the way pharmaceutical companies have … Continue reading

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DeMint Speaks!

Minority Jim speaks out: “People are beginning to see that there’s no way we can pay the interest on our debt and every week, we’re borrowing money to pay the debt we have and are creating new programs that are … Continue reading

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DeMint’s Choice

One reason that Delaware’s best-known GOP candidate will have such a mountain to climb in the general election is the emergence of fresh embarrassments like these comments (via New York magazine today) from a 1996 debate on whether creationism should … Continue reading

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First Carter, Now O’Donnell

The New York Times’ op-ed page is generally not to be taken too seriously when it comes to the topic of Republican candidates, and this particular detail about Christine O’Donnell, the challenger in Delaware’s upcoming GOP primary may, in the … Continue reading

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Pur et Dur

As (effectively) a call for unity among America’s conservatives the “Mount Vernon Statement” is, on the whole, fairly anodyne stuff. Fair enough. If there is to be any chance of defeating Obama in 2012 the various tribes of the right will … Continue reading

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