First Carter, Now O’Donnell

The New York Times’ op-ed page is generally not to be taken too seriously when it comes to the topic of Republican candidates, and this particular detail about Christine O’Donnell, the challenger in Delaware’s upcoming GOP primary may, in the greater scheme of things, be trivial, but it is certainly striking:

One of the most notable things on her political résumé is her well-publicized position against masturbation. (“The Bible says that lust in your heart is committing adultery. So you can’t masturbate without lust.”)

Good heavens.

O’Donnell was endorsed on Friday by Senator “Minority Jim” DeMint. Of course she was.

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9 Responses to First Carter, Now O’Donnell

  1. Susan says:

    I suppose it just rubs her the wrong way.

  2. Evan says:

    I’ve observed, in politics, in criticism (I’m reading Mencken’s chapter “Criticism of Criticism of Criticism”) and in daily life, that evangelist currents run deep and wide with people who have difficulty handling vice personally, who swing wildly between pure denunciation, abstinence, and black-and-white God morality on the one hand, and manic, super-anxious indulgence on the other. An old lady evangelist coworker clings to her Hagee worldview with white knuckles; her son keeps regular appointment at the liquor store at 9am for months on end, with intermittent breaks for prayer and organized Bible study.

  3. Ross says:

    “her well-publicized position against masturbation”

    Hands behind the back?

  4. Susan says:

    She turned down an endorsement from Schwarzenegger because she thought he played Onan the Barbarian.

  5. David Hume says:

    i remember her from bill maher’s show in the 1990s. she seemed nice enough, but not too bright (she was great for laughs for maher, unlike other conservatives who were more “with it” and could push back).

  6. Polichinello says:

    Well, there goes a potential win for the GOP.

  7. Narr says:

    Uh uh uh uh uh uh UH UH UH UH UH UH UH! UH! UHHHHHH . . .

  8. Panglos says:

    The need to politcize one’s preferred means for arousal is really fascinating.

    One would think there are more critical issues at hand.

  9. Polichinello says:

    Well, O’Donnell got the nomination. She probably won’t win, though it’s possible. Having looked into this race and the other races a bit more, I’m struck by how lazy and entitled the establishment candidates have been. Lazio completely refused to engage Palladino, and got his ass rightly handed to him. With that attitude, it’s hard to see how they would have made better candidates than their Tea Party opponents. At least the Tea People are willing to campaign and fight for their seats.

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