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Multiculturalism: Christianity (partly) to Blame?

Getting to grips with the pathologies of multiculturalism is no easy task, but here from the Wall Street Journal is retired (center-right) Dutch politician Frits Bolkenstein having a go. This, in particular, caught my eye: The other foundation of our … Continue reading

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Go Denmark!

Denmark Reintroduces Border Controls: Under pressure from a growing nationalist movement, the government in Denmark on Thursday reintroduced stringent checks on its borders with Germany and Sweden, dealing a major setback to one of the European Union’s most popular and … Continue reading

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Europe, the big five

The New York Times Magazine has a Europe-themed edition. I thought it would be interesting to look at the five big Western European nations in Google Data Explorer.

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It’s better in Europe (again)

Hendrik Hertzberg in The New Yorker, A SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC SIGH: Furthermore, it’s not as if German conservatives are a bunch of crazy far-right nihilists. This is not the Republicans we’re talking about. Both the CDU and the FDP recognize the … Continue reading

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