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Best Painting Ever?

Well, perhaps not, but in its splendid (interactive!) way, one of the more entertaining. H/t: The Daily Dish

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Good Lodi

Here’s another church-and-state row, this time in Lodi, California. The LA Times takes up the story here: Small cities in California are facing high unemployment, drained treasuries and now what some residents see as an assault on the only sacred … Continue reading

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Hail Mary Pass

If there’s any tune likely to turn impressionable young minds away from God, it’s the teeth-grindingly turgid Ave Maria. All the more reason therefore that this story is so depressing: SEATTLE — Barring an instrumental performance of a Christian hymn … Continue reading

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Pakistan is already an Islamic State

So claims Ali Eteraz: Most people in the world, including some Pakistanis, live under the illusion that the country is secular and just happens to have been overrun by extremists. This is false. Pakistan became an Islamic state in 1973 … Continue reading

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In Connecticut, a “preposterously unconstitutional attack on Catholicism”

Catholic sites are up in arms, and rightly so, about a measure called S.B. 1098, introduced March 5 in the Connecticut legislature, which would by law remove control of Roman Catholic parishes from bishops and place them instead in the … Continue reading

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Miscellany, January 14

Tattoo-parlor Calvinism at Seattle’s Mars Hill Church, blazing new trails in quien-es-mas-macho discipleship. P.S. DH and I independently noticed this story and posted on it only minutes apart. Read his post. Latest in Michael Newdow’s suit over religious references in … Continue reading

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Obama oath-of-office lawsuit

Per Religion Clause, Michael Newdow’s lawsuit “asks the court to enjoin the Chief Justice– who will administer the oath of office– from adding ‘so help me God’ to the constitutionally prescribed presidential oath (Art. II, Sec. 1). It also asks … Continue reading

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American Creation

I thought I would point to Jonathan Rowe’s weblog, American Creation.  He’s been leaving many informed and civil comments for a few weeks, from which I have learned much.  Would that the whole blogosphere was characterized by such gentlemanly discourse!

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Day of Prayer? Day in court

 The Freedom from Religion Foundation has sued to stop Colorado Governor Bill Ritter from issuing a proclamation in support of the National Day of Prayer, reports the Los Angeles Times.  My instincts are with my co-bloggers– secularists should stay out … Continue reading

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On impossibility & religion

I highly recommend Winnifred Sullivan’s The Impossibility of Religious Freedom.  It clarifies many of the incoherencies in the “church-state separation” debates.  You can read the introduction online.

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