Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width

In a recent book, libertarian Joel Kotkin exulted over the prospect of us adding 100 million to our population by 2050. In contrast to those East Asian and European nations with declining demographics, he argues, by taking in masses of immigrants, the U.S.A. will become more vibrant, creative, and prosperous.

On this theory California, which has done on the state level exactly what Kotkin wants the U.S.A. to do on the national level, ought to be much move vibrant, etc. than it was 40 years ago.  Strangely, this seems not to be the case: so much so that Joel Kotkin has felt compelled to write an essay about it.

What on earth has gone wrong here?  “Mismanagement,” says Kotkin.  Yes, that must be it. What else could it possibly be?

[A tip of the hat there to Denis Mangan.]

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