Divine ADD

Haitian-Americans in a Catholic parish in Queens, NY, have been ecstatically praying since an earthquake wiped out an estimated quarter-million of their island countrymen 10 months ago, following which Hurricane Tomas unleashed cholera in the survivors’ tent camps:

Certain women in [the] parish say so many Hail Mary’s on their own that [the pastor] no longer assigns them the prayers as penance for sins . . . In October, people packed into SS. Joachim and Anne, chanting and dancing and holding sick relatives’ pictures heavenward for healing.

Good luck with that. 

(The New York Times displays the usual nauseating agnosticism towards the religious delusions of the left’s favored victim groups:

On a Saturday night in the basement of [the] mostly Haitian church in Queens, in a bare white room vibrating with hymns and exclamations, a young woman may find herself channeling the Holy Spirit to reveal news from Haiti.

Oh, really?  Yet let a Tea Partyer question the efficacy of deficit spending, and the Times will be certain at the very least to offer a contrary view.)

On this Thanksgiving Day, I am grateful for the human ingenuity that tries to foil such tragic Acts of God as the Haitian earthquake through heroic feats of engineering, and when such preventive efforts fail, that tries to save as many surviving victims through medical science.   I am grateful that human reason has conquered so much of the squalor and suffering that nature unleashes upon the world.  I hope that Haiti’s suffering comes to an end through tolerance, honesty, enterprise, and discipline.    

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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3 Responses to Divine ADD

  1. Snippet says:

    Great message.

    I can’t say it out load at our family celebrations, so I’ll content my self with silently thinking it while everyone else thanks the Jesus.

    And drinking to it, with a nice pumpkin porter.

  2. Elroy says:

    When the only tool you have is a hammer…

  3. CONSVLTVS says:

    The desperate insistence of the faithful that their God is good, despite the kind of evidence adduced above, supports the notion of a God gene. They can’t help themselves.

    Reason pronounces its own idiocies, most often when its pronouncements are tested by nothing more than Ivory Tower rumination.

    Funniest recurring moment of faith: football player praying for victory over the other team.

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