Miscellany, January 21

* Obama’s mention of “non-believers” draws wide discussion, including Steve Chapman (who also lets Rick Warren have it), Katherine Mangu-Ward, and a New York Times blog thread with 275 comments;

* The right to criticize religion: “Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders will face prosecution for anti-Islam film and comments” [Western Standard, Canada]

* Unclear on the concept? “She wasn’t driving like a Christian,” says driver who rammed car at high speed [San Antonio Express-News via Lowering the Bar]

* Making the rounds: “In the mind of the anti-free-marketeer, the government occupies the same kind of intellectual territory as the divine designer in the mind of an anti-Darwinian.” – Brian Micklethwait, Samizdata

* Not entirely clear what system of religious belief is going on here, but it doesn’t sound sweetly harmonious: “Police in south-east Nigeria have arrested a man who claimed to have killed 110 child ‘witches’.” [BBC]

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