Marching Through The Institutions

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The Sunday Telegraph reports:

An investigation by The Sunday Telegraph has established that the education watchdog [Ofsted] has published positive reports praising Muslim schools for their contribution to community cohesion — even in the case of a school which openly states that Muslims “oppose the lifestyle of the West”. The Ofsted inspector responsible for many of the reports, Michele Messaoudi, has been accused of having links to radical Islamist organisations. This newspaper can reveal that another recent Ofsted inspector, Akram Khan-Cheema, is the chief executive of a radical Muslim educational foundation…

…Ofsted has also passed the inspection of dozens of Muslim schools to a new private “faith schools watchdog”, the Bridge Schools Inspectorate, which is co-controlled by Islamic schools’ own lobbying and trade body, the Association of Muslim Schools.

The Bridge Schools Inspectorate allows Muslim head teachers to inspect each other’s schools.

Among the schools directly inspected by Ofsted was the Madani Girls’ School, a private Islamic school in London’s East End. Its Ofsted report, written by Mrs Messaoudi, said it made pupils “aware of their future role as proactive young British Muslim women” and left them “well-prepared for life in a multicultural society”.

However, the Madani Girls’ School’s own website openly states: “If we oppose the lifestyle of the West, then it does not seem sensible that the teachers and the system which represents that lifestyle should educate our children.” It says that under western education “our children will distance themselves from Islam until there is nothing left but their beautiful names”.

Last month, this newspaper revealed how girls at the school were being forced to wear the Islamic veil, a fact that was not mentioned in its 2008 Ofsted report. The Madani School declined to comment last night.

Read the whole thing: The road to hell may be paved by good intentions, but bad intentions will do pretty well too.

One intriguing detail: the Bridge Schools Inspectorate is elsewhere in the article described by the Telegraph as “a joint venture between the Christian Schools’ Trust and the Association of Muslim Schools.”

A division of the spoils perhaps?

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5 Responses to Marching Through The Institutions

  1. John says:

    “The Bridge Schools Inspectorate allows Muslim head teachers to inspect each other’s schools.”

    Well, thar’s yer problem.

  2. Mike H says:

    Well that’s the sinister effect of integration as it is handled by government institutions on both sides of the Atlantic. Just slip into the suit and enter institutions and there you go, you’re integrated. It doesn’t matter what you believe, who you support, that’s personal matters and to question any of it is racism.

    Our governments negotiate and cut deals with various Muslim organizations who oppose our societies and cultures and then they call it a success story of integration. They do so without at all reflecting how you damage your society by elevating those kinds of groups and people into establishment positions. And just to be on the safe side we even go out of our way to elevate them as quickly as possible so we can pride ourselves on said integration successes. Our establishment lacks any understanding of Islam or what its ideology entails, many decades of religious pluralism in taught in schools and universities with the best intentions of harmony and understanding have ironically left us with utterly clueless and thus self-destructive decision-makers.

    That’s how an Army major can kill his fellow soldiers in cold blood after candid expressions of his ideology, that’s how an Islamist can go around inspecting British schools and write books for Islamist think tanks at the same time.

    As Enoch Powell said: “Those whom the Gods seek to destroy, they first make mad.”

  3. CONSVLTVS says:

    I have tried to understand the zealous support of Islam on the part of Westerners who would be disadvantaged under Islam. In some cases “disadvantaged” would mean a loss of freedom of expression. In others, it would mean having to put on a veil and start obeying men. In still others, it would mean being killed. The education establishment, with its nominal goals of free inquiry and secularity, would be among the victims. Why, why do these people not see their danger?

    In some cases it may be due to misguided multicultural idealism. In others, it may be nothing more than “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Still, if any other group besides Muslims tried to make little girls wear veils to school, the Left would howl.

  4. Susan says:

    It’s been over forty years since the Left adopted a pro-Palestinian/anti-Israel stance. Back then, it was still possible for the Left to view Palestinians, and by extension Muslims in general, as an indigenous revolutionary group with, presumably, a Marxist ideology. (Bill Ayers was, apparently, a great fan of Sirhan Sirhan.) When it became obvious, in later decades, that radical Islam was antithetical to everything the Left ought to hold dear, the Left was too deeply committed to its support of Islam to reverse the position. And of course, as Consvltvs pointed out, the position was still anti-American and anti-West, whatever its problem with women, homosexuals, those of African ancestry, and infidels in general might be. That trumps practically anything else. Thus you end up with the truly bizarre spectacle of a lesbian Marxist feminist Jewish academic specialist in the hermeneutics of transgressive post-modern prosody tirelessly promoting the cultural, moral, intellectual, and legal superiority of people who want to stone her to death for being a lesbian Marxist feminist Jewish..etc.

  5. jld says:

    So what?
    The social version of Parasite Rex.
    The parasited will be wiped out, the parasites themselves will be partially starved (technology, economy), the only interesting question is: What kind of survival for the non-parasited?

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