Godwin’s Pope (5)

Fresh from his remarkably disingenuous claims about atheism and the Nazis, that “subtle historian” Benedict XVI is (it appears from this report on his current visit to Spain) once again offering his own, distinctly unorthodox, take on the past:

On his way to Santiago, Benedict told reporters that the anticlericalism seen now in Spain was reminiscent of the 1930s, when the church suffered a wave of violence and persecution as the country lurched from an unstable democracy to civil war.

Reminiscent? Really?

Somewhere between five and seven thousand priests, monks, seminarians and nuns are thought to have been murdered, sometimes under circumstances of peculiarly revolting cruelty, during the course of the Spanish civil war by anti-Franco forces. Pope John Paul II beatified some five hundred of these victims. To his credit, Benedict himself beatified a further 498 in October 2007.

Now, however, he insults their memory.

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