Humans did not evolve from chimpanzees!

Ardipithecus ramidus tells us so.

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7 Responses to Humans did not evolve from chimpanzees!

  1. Ben Abbott says:

    Each time I hear/read someone dismissing the science of evolution because “man didn’t evolve from chimps/monkeys”, I wonder if the individual is (1) trumpeting his ignorance or (2) constructing a strawman in the mind of his audience 🙁

  2. Mike Keesey says:

    We did, however, evolve from apes. Just not any living type of ape.

  3. brian says:

    David’s truncated line may well cause miscommunication.
    Modern chimpanzees are not the ancestors of man. Modern chimpanzees are our cousins, not our forefathers. Richard Dawkins has made this point clear in answering an ignorant question (“Will chimpanzee become man some day?,” something like that.).

    The article “Ardipithecus: we meet at last” clarifies that Ardipithecus ramidus were our ancestor but they were already on different line from the ancestry line of modern chimpanzees. According to the article, Chimpanzees have evolved to adapt to live on trees rather than on land: chimps’ ancestors were not that adroit on trees as modern chimps are. (But it is out of question that the ancestors or man and the ancestors of chimps came from their common ancestor.)

    I liken the relationship between man and chimp somewhat like this: Van Jones is not the ancestor of George W Bush. Van Jones’ grandfarther was not the ancestor of George W Bush’s father, either. Man is known as to have evolved in Africa. But it does not mean that modern black people are the ancestors of white people.

    Judging from David’s truncated line, David seems to deny evolution. But I am not sure. David, do you mean you deny evolution or you just confirm that modern chimps are not the ancestor of man?

  4. Carter says:

    So we evolved from sasquatches. How embarrassing.

  5. Donna B. says:

    It just occurred to me that chimps don’t have religion. Where along this evolutionary line did it become beneficial to be superstitious?

  6. John says:

    Where along this evolutionary line did it become beneficial to be superstitious?

    Excellent question. I’d like to know this myself. I think religion came as a way to get people to cooperate with each other. Religion certainly arrived before agriculture. Did Homo Heidelbergensis have it? Who knows?

  7. stew mitchell says:

    In the future, the chimps will evolve into meek….or rather engineered. then they will take over the world

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