Europe sans Frontières

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Via the Daily Telegraph:

An Islamic suicide bomber who attacked Christmas shoppers in Sweden at the weekend is a British university graduate and was living in [the UK] until two weeks ago. Taimur Abdulwahab al-Abdaly tried to set off a car bomb packed with gas canisters in a busy shopping street in Stockholm. The car caught fire and the bomber fled the scene before blowing himself up 300yd away 15 minutes later, injuring two bystanders.

It emerged last night that Abdulwahab, who was due to turn 29 yesterday, is a former physical therapy student at Bedfordshire University in Luton, and that his wife and three young children still live in the town. MI5 is now investigating possible links with extremists in Luton, whether the bomber was radicalised at the university and claims that he was helped by an extremist group in Yemen, the base for al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. The suicide bombing follows an attempt by Umar Farouq Abdulmutallab, a former student at University College London, to blow himself up last Christmas on a flight to Detroit.

Abdulmutallab had trained in Yemen, but had become increasingly radical during his time in Britain. The security services and police are concerned that British university campuses have become breeding grounds for extremism…

[Al-Abdaly] had recently advertised on a Muslim dating site for a second wife, saying he was looking for a “lady 25-30 who lives in UK for marriage”. The site,, said he was born in Baghdad, Iraq, and moved to Sweden in 1992 and then to Britain in 2001 to study for a degree in physical therapy, marrying in 2004.

On his Facebook page, he included a group called Yawm al-Qiyaamah, meaning Day of Judgment, that featured a montage of Tower Bridge in flames.

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3 Responses to Europe sans Frontières

  1. Kele says:

    It’s interesting that the newspaper insinuates that he was radicalized in British universities while the tuition hike protests are going on. Maybe it’s true, but the timing seems suspicious.

  2. James says:

    The article is a lie. Everyone knows terrorism is caused by poverty.

  3. Elroy says:

    Meanwhile 6 US Marines were killed by a fairly well made bomb in Afghanistan. If this guy along with the other wannabe terrorists have help from Al-Qaeda they do not appear to be getting much. Not much training and not much in the way of materials. Maybe Al-Qaeda does not feel the need to invest much in these poseurs as even a failed attempt works in their favor.

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