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Passing on Feser

I was intending to buy Ed Feser’s book as more background material for my half-baked next-project-but one: a handbook for secular conservatives.  Reading his exchanges with Heather, though, and the stuff he’s posted on his site, I think I’ll pass.  … Continue reading

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What’s the matter with the Right?

Over at The American Scene, Reihan Salam asks, IS SOCIAL CONSERVATISM THE PROBLEM?: … I doubt that Frum fears a Republican party composed in large part of devout religious believers — rather, I think he’s worried about the perception that … Continue reading

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Libertarians & the Secular Right

Over at Volokh Conspiracy Ilya Somin points to this weblog, and notes: Although one of the four contributors (Olson) is more libertarian than conservative, the main focus of the blog seems to be on the latter. After all, few doubt … Continue reading

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Science & progress

Some have left comments (which I have deleted) to the effect of “scientists once accepted X, but now accept -X, therefore why should one put stock in acceptance of evolutionary theory?” This is obviously a complicated issue, and there is … Continue reading

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