Bird Brain

HMVThe Wall Street Journal reports:

CARACAS—Nicolás Maduro, the one-time bus driver widely expected to become Venezuela’s next president in Sunday’s elections, has resorted to an unusual campaign gimmick in the past week: At nearly every stop, he has suddenly broken out into birdsong.

The whistling started some 10 days ago, after the candidate says his mentor, the late President Hugo Chávez, visited him in a chapel in the form of a bird to bless the official launch of his presidential bid.
“I felt the spirit of my commander Chavez,” Mr. Maduro explained to a crowd after telling them how the bird circled over his head three times.

The birdsong, typically responded to by ecstatic crowds with whistling of their own, underscores the candidate’s reliance on the memory of Mr. Chavez…

Good grief

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2 Responses to Bird Brain

  1. John says:

    And now he just won. Wonderful.

  2. Mark English says:

    At least gentle Jesus had the good taste or the good fortune to be endorsed by a non-whistling bird. A dove, wasn’t it?

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