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Next Up: YHWH vs. Godzilla

Hinduism is of course pantheistic. One of the most revered gods is  Ganesh, the elephant-headed “Remover of Obstacles.” (And the god involved in the  Milk Miracle of a few years ago.) The other part of this story is the swastika … Continue reading

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Diversity at the NIH

Heather: Good post on the Columbia "diversity" rackets. On the general issue of racially-proportionate representation in this and that, I’ve done a couple of rounds with the NIH’s Office of Extramural Research at their website. The topic is the recent … Continue reading

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Helping Out

On the general matter of assisted suicide: (1) I couldn’t care less what people with ideological or theological fixations think.  They are entitled to their intellectual pleasures, but they have no right to foist their conclusions on citizens of a … Continue reading

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The Place of Suffering

[Cross-posted to NRO’s The Corner.] Tangential to the exchange between Wesley Smith and Andrew Stuttaford on the death of Jack Kevorkian: Here is something I was reading last week. It’s from the 1991 book In Search of Human Nature by … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Mr Hume!

The Great Empiricist was born 300 years ago this weekend (May 7, 1711, N.S.)

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Your Ancestors Were Zombies

At a gathering the other day I mentioned Julian Jaynes, who caused a stir back in the 1970s with a very odd book about religion and human consciousness. Roger Kimball was present.  He later forwarded to me an essay on … Continue reading

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Update to Previous Post

In a very friendly & gentlemanly email, Nick Schulz assures me that his post on the AEI blog was meant as a fun tweak, not a sneer.  My apologies to Nick. After all those columns I’ve written about everyone being … Continue reading

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Working Hard, Working Smart

Mark Krikorian and I have been singled (doubled?) out for a sneer from AEI’s Nick Schultz. Are our heads exploding (he wants to know) at the news that Mexicans lead the world in “total minutes worked, paid and unpaid, per … Continue reading

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Templeton Prize

[Cross-posted from The Corner at NRO] Astrophysicist Sir Martin Rees, who has a walk-on part in We Are Doomed (and who is properly written of as “Lord Rees,” though nobody seems to bother any more) has been awarded the Templeton … Continue reading

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What Would Jesus Cut?

Lunchtime mail brought my April copy of The Dominion, “News of the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island.” The front page leader was by my local prelate, The Right Reverend Lawrence C. Provenzano, Bishop of Long Island.   Titled “Budgets, Leadership, and … Continue reading

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