Next Up: YHWH vs. Godzilla

Hinduism is of course pantheistic. One of the most revered gods is  Ganesh, the elephant-headed “Remover of Obstacles.” (And the god involved in the  Milk Miracle of a few years ago.)

The other part of this story is the swastika symbol, which Hindus have been using as a good-luck charm for millenia. The word “swastika” is  actually of Sanskrit origin.

Now read on.

Ganesh Versus the Third Reich is yet to open at the Melbourne Festival, but news of its storyline has caused consternation among the  Indian community.

In the play, which has been described by its producers as rambunctious fable brimming with humour, the elephant-headed Hindu god rampages through Germany on a quest to reclaim the ancient Hindu symbol of goodwill from the Nazis.

As a long-time fan of the great Barry Humphries, I thought I had a handle on Australian humor. Now I’m not so sure.

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