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Rosa Parks, Sadly Missed

Via the New York World: On the morning of October 12, Melissa Franchy boarded the B110 bus in Brooklyn and sat down near the front. For a few minutes she was left in silence, although the other passengers gave her … Continue reading

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“A License to do Things”

Via ThinkProgress Health (I know, I know) comes this gem from Santorum: Rick Santorum pledged to repeal all federal funding for contraception, during a recent interview with editor Shane Vander Hart, arguing that birth control devalues the act of … Continue reading

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Poll from Real Clear Politics: And Google Trends:

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Back, Back to the Medieval We Go (If We Ever Left)

Via the Utne Reader: With a doctorate in astrophysics, Frank (not his real name) considers himself a man of science who relies on research and analysis to make sense of the world. Despite the occult overtones, his body’s violent reaction … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Part II

Perhaps worse than Palin! On Taxes and Fences, Cain Stumbles a Bit: When Mr. Gregory asked if Mr. Cain would describe himself as a “neoconservative” — the foreign policy approach championed by the Bush administration that favored the aggressive use … Continue reading

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“I do not believe in the Divinity of Christ”

So said Unitarian William Howard Taft some time before he was elected President. Would he have been electable now? H/t Andrew Sullivan

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Perry’s Pastor Problem

Posted on the Corner yesterday. Kathryn, I agree with you that Rick Perry would be well-advised to put some distance between himself and Rev. Jeffress, but William Donohue, a man who once said that “radical atheists” should “apologize” for Hitler … Continue reading

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Moving Secularism Forward, March 1st to 4th, Orlando

Moving Secularism Forward: The Center for Inquiry (CFI) and the Council for Secular Humanism will hold their annual conference “Moving Secularism Forward” March 1–4, 2012 at the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport in Orlando, Florida. At “Moving Secularism Forward”, learn … Continue reading

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Mr. Roboto!

The New Romney?: For all that, Romney is still Romney. I remember sitting amazed at a Romney town hall in New Hampshire in 2008 when he didn’t express any empathy for a girl who stood up and asked a question … Continue reading

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Tunisia vs. Egypt

Last winter and spring I expressed very qualified and modest optimism about the prospects for a liberal democracy in Tunisia, and far less of one in Egypt. Some updates…. Tunisian Police Stop Hardline Attack On TV Station: Tunisian police on … Continue reading

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