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Government jobs: of the productive, for the unproductive?

“An incarceration program is not an employment program,” announced New York Governor Andrew Cuomo earlier this year, in justification of his recently announced plan to close seven New York state prisons.   So true, and the argument made by the local … Continue reading

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Something Wicca…

Here’s a story from the Daily Mail of (alleged) intolerance in a small English town: It sounds like a horror story straight from medieval times. Two witches descend on an ancient market town – only to be targeted by terrified … Continue reading

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Sexy Sadie (Remix)

I am shocked, shocked that this has happened: Thousands of followers around the world believed the Indian guru Sai Baba was a god, but since his death it has emerged that the fortunes people donated to him were not all … Continue reading

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Happy Independence Day!

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Making the invisible visible: cuts to government social programs

Here is a rule of thumb regarding government social programs: You usually learn about them only when their budgets are reduced.  At that point, you hear about draconian cuts to essential services that you didn’t even know existed.  It has … Continue reading

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The superficiality of ‘pop-libertarianism’

I’m sympathetic to a lot of the specific policy prescriptions of publications like Reason. Though I’m no philosophical libertarian, I converge with libertarians when it comes to attitudes on specific issues. But outside of think tanks like Cato a lot … Continue reading

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There’s No Pleasing Some People

The BBC is going to be showing a three part documentary on the prophet Mohammed. Fair enough, but this little detail doesn’t bode too well for its objectivity: The BBC has also made clear that its series is “in line … Continue reading

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