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What’s the matter with gridlock?

I used to be a fan of the idea of gridlock. It prevented government from doing more mischief. David Harsanyi expresses this general attitude in Reason. Libertarians in particular have an attraction to gridlock because the “small government” modern Republican … Continue reading

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Original thoughts re: election 2010

Anyone have any after the election? My main issue is the “half a glass” phenomenon which has been cropping up. The Tea Party pushed the maximal candidates in Nevada, Colorado, and Delaware, which likely lost the Republicans those states. But … Continue reading

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The Skeptical Conservatives

The Skeptical Conservatives website is now up. It will serve as an aggregator for the the TSC affiliations. I’ve also created a Facebook fan page. I’d appreciate it if you’d “like” it so that we can get the vanity URL … Continue reading

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It’s about human nature

I had dinner with an old friend today, and he inquired of me why I define myself as a conservative. After all, on many “hot button” issues I’m arguably a social liberal, and my attitude toward government and its current … Continue reading

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24 hours until campaign 2012 starts!

Open thread I guess….

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Joe Manchin looks like Joe Theismann

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The Palin Fundamentals

In your heart you know he could be right, The Conservative Establishment’s Addiction to Tactics: …John McCain was a widely admired war hero with a reputation for moderation who had favorable ratings well over 50 percent on Election Day and … Continue reading

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The Establishment vs. Sarah Palin

Long story in Politico, Next for GOP leaders: Stopping Sarah Palin. On the one had Palin has not too hot fav vs. unfav. numbers. On the other hand the economy is likely to be stagnant leading up to 2012. I think … Continue reading

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