The Establishment vs. Sarah Palin

Long story in Politico, Next for GOP leaders: Stopping Sarah Palin. On the one had Palin has not too hot fav vs. unfav. numbers. On the other hand the economy is likely to be stagnant leading up to 2012. I think the elite Republicans who ease grassroots populists away from the highest positions of power have to be very careful here: among the rank & file Sarah Palin’s intensity of following may be inversely correlated with the the nakedness of antipathy toward her from elites. Republican elites have been waiting for Palin to fumble to the point where she loses much of her core support. But this seems a case where the more she “fumbles” the more her core followers are reinforced in the righteousness of adhering to her cause, as she shows her humanity. On the other hand a Sarah Palin run for the highest office is probably one of the best ways for Democrats to guarantee massive turnout among their base in 2012.

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