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More Mush

This time from Catholic theologian Hans Küng, the co-author of a new book reviewed by Adam Kirsch in The Tablet: How to Do Good and Avoid Evil is, in fact, the fruit of one of Küng’s major ecumenical projects, the … Continue reading

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Trouble in the Church (of Climate Change)

One of the clearest ways in which, for some, a belief in anthropogenic global warming has taken on the characteristics of a religion is in the way it has provided them with an organizing principle that helps ‘explain’ so much … Continue reading

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A foolish alliance

If Republican opponents of Ben Bernanke think that his replacement would be more laissez-faire than Bernanke, they are deluding themselves.   Obama’s terrified renewed lurch towards left-wing populism all but guarantees a Fed chairman who would be more interventionist on behalf … Continue reading

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What would Jesus pack?

An arms manufacturer has been coding references to New Testament verses on the sights of the rifles it supplies to the Pentagon for use in Iraq and Afghanistan.  One of the coded passages from John is: I am the light … Continue reading

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Post-Massachusetts blow-out reconnoitering

The emerging consensus among Democrats that they should ratchet back the health care stampede for now is certainly welcome, but not necessarily the corresponding view that they should focus instead on “fixing the economy.”  “Fixing the economy” will mean the … Continue reading

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Hitler reacts to Scott Brown’s victory

H/T Ezra Klein

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Open thread on Scott Brown, etc.

In case people want to discuss his victory tonight. I don’t have any unique insights that you can’t find elsewhere, but a quick question. Looking at the Coakley vs. Brown polls on the front page right now I get … Continue reading

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On the Miscellany

Walter, that’s an interesting round-up. The Irish blasphemy law merits a separate post of its own (the issues are a touch more complicated than they seem), but for now I’ll just comment on two of the other stories you pass … Continue reading

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Miscellany, January 18

More bits and oddments expanded and adapted from Secular Right’s Twitter account: NYC’s Met Museum to rename Islamic Galleries, may yank art depicting Mohammed [NY Post] “Motoons republished throughout Europe” — why not here? [MWW] “My advice, as a Christian … Continue reading

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Terrorism’s risk curve

The logic of anti-terrorism measures seems to be that if one bad event happens, such as the 12/25 plot, the risk of similar bad events suddenly shoots up exponentially.  Thus the airport shut-downs over the last two weeks in reaction … Continue reading

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