Miscellany, January 18

More bits and oddments expanded and adapted from Secular Right’s Twitter account:

  • NYC’s Met Museum to rename Islamic Galleries, may yank art depicting Mohammed [NY Post] “Motoons republished throughout Europe” — why not here? [MWW]
  • “My advice, as a Christian priest, is to shoplift.” [CNN via Amy Alkon]
  • “Anti blasphemy law campaign begins in Ireland” [MWW, Times Online, Ilya Somin/Volokh]
  • In a nutshell, the three varieties of Straussians [Mike Rappaport, Right Coast]
  • “Atheism leads to brutality”: GOP Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels comes off badly in interview [Legal Satyricon]
  • How religious is your state? [Pew Forum]
  • Hitchens on Gore Vidal [Vanity Fair] And on our leaders’ absurd reaction to the attempted plane bombing [Slate]
  • “Spark of the divine” within each of us: Obama Nobel speech last month slighted unbelievers [Ann Althouse]
  • Spokesman for Prof. Robert George’s American Principles Project moves in circles quite different from those of this website [Michael Sean Winters, America]
  • Funny: Satan sends a letter responding to Pat Robertson on Haiti [Star-Tribune, scroll to second item]

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