4 Responses to Party affiliation by wealth & education, 2004-2008

  1. Lorenzo says:

    To summarise: the wealthy care about their assets and the higher educated care about their status and/or are in tax-paid or other non-commercial jobs.

    Hence the concentration of Republicans in higher assets, Democrats in lower assets but higher education and independents in low assets and low education.

  2. The most obvious thing about these figures is that those who have worked hardest have the most to lose and don’t vote Democrat. I don’t regard Democrats taking fifteen years to get college degrees as “hard workers” and I’ve known plenty of them. Of course they always end up in non-profits or government sinecures – again not working much or doing something (like “community organizing”) that most normal people treat as unpaid volunteer work. Fortunately they don’t bet paid much – unless they’re in teachers’ or social workers’ unions.

  3. Mack says:


    Where is the proof that the wealth is a product of what you call ‘hard work’? Do you have some data?

  4. Chris says:

    Overall, this table is consistent with the interpretation that Republicans promote policies that benefit the wealthy, and educated people are more likely to know this. (The minority of wealthy educated Democrats, presumably, object on principle to an unlevel playing field even when it tilts in their favor. Or maybe they just favor culture issues over economic ones – presumably having a gay friend or relative, for example, cuts across class and educational lines.)

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