Yale’s feminists: Behaving hysterically

Sixteen Yale students and recent alumni are siccing the U.S. Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights on Yale College, claiming that the college denies girls the “same equal opportunity to the Yale education as their male counterparts,” in the words of civil rights complainant Hannah Zeavin.  The ground for their complaint?  A handful of juvenile frat hazing incidents deliberately designed to violate sacred feminist taboos.   I analyse the narcissism and astounding lack of perspective embodied by this ongoing action here:

Yale has one of the greatest library systems in the world; it showers on students top-notch instruction in almost every intellectual discipline; it lavishes students with healthy food, luxurious athletic facilities, and rich venues for artistic expression. All of these educational resources are available on a scrupulously equal basis to both sexes. But according to the Yale 16 and their supporters, female students simply cannot take full advantage of the peerless collection of early twentieth-century German periodicals at Sterling Library, say, or the DNA sequencing labs on Science Hill, because a few frat boys acted tastelessly. Thus the need to go crying to the feds to protect you from the big, bad Yale patriarchy. Time to bring on the smelling salts and the society doctors peddling cures for vapors and neurasthenia.

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