What is the message here?

Jesus never sent anyone to a doctor or a hospital. Jesus offered healing by one means only! Healing was by faith.

(Pastor Bob on the Unleavened Bread Ministries website.  The daughter of two followers of that group died last March from untreated juvenile diabetes.)

What is the orthodox response to Christian Science?  As A-Bax said in a comment a while ago, it seems a fairly pure and principled test of the power of prayer.  Is the conventional wisdom that prayer is only additive—God will respond only if humans have availed themselves of all secular means of healing?   Under that theory, asking for God’s help is like seeking habeas relief in federal court—you have to first exhaust all your state court remedies.   But why should that be?  Why should we be obligated to use the fruits of the scientific method before asking for divine intervention? 

One hundred years ago, there was no treatment for juvenile diabetes, so if God were going to cure a child of the disease, he would have had to act absent relevant medical treatment.  Now that such treatment exists, will he not intervene without prior medical effort?  I don’t understand why, though I’m sure that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation.   (Of course, we know that God doesn’t always respond even after massive medical effort.) 

Rick Warren says about God: “you are loving to everyone you have made.”  Why not throw our fate upon his love always and unconditionally?

On the other hand, why do Christian Scientists only abjure medical care?  Why not expect God to drive them to the supermarket or fix their computer?

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