Thy will be done

A heavy snow is whipping the New York City region, blown relentlessly by winds expected to reach 60 mph later tonight.  Thousands in the area are still without electricity or heat in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and are living in shells of homes.  Who among us, with unfettered power to avert such repeated blows, would decline to do so?

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3 Responses to Thy will be done

  1. Steve Cardon says:

    Ummm…. are we trying to shame Superman into action?

  2. Marco says:

    Curiously, this line of attack on the idea of a single all powerful God helps me to understand polytheism. Let’s shop around for a deity who might be able to do something about this. Of course, he/she/it can’t guarantee 100% effectiveness.

    Or for that matter, the Catholic emphasis on saints. “Hey Saint Bob, you’re always hanging around the big guy. Could you maybe find out what the problem is, put in a good word for us?”

  3. Snippet says:

    It’s been suggested that such direct involvement is “beneath” God or something. Anyway God’s inaction makes perfect sense – absolutely perfect sense – to those lucky enough to have been given the gift of faith. Strangely enough, those very same folks get all excited about miracles and such when a 7 year old girl’s cancer goes into remission, or a 90 year old atheist converts on his death bed. Mysterious ways…

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