The Limitlessness of Self-Importance

Plus a little victimhood by proxy…

A Pagan Soccer Mom writes:

Friday, September 21 has been declared Covered in Light International Day. This event has been started by the group Covered in Light, a group of Pagan/Polytheist women who choose to cover their hair as a part of their religious observance. As stated on their website:

“ In no way are we oppressed, objectified, suppressed, or made to feel like a second class citizen. The covering of our hair is a sacred act of devotion to our chosen Deities and therefore is approached with devotion and reverence.

We welcome all women from all walks of life to join our Sisterhood if they feel led to do so. Trans-women and women of other faiths who are Pagan/Polytheist friendly and who embrace the Divine Mother are also welcome amongst us with open arms.”

Covered in Light International Day encourages women to “put yourself in their scarves” by wearing a headscarf in support of women of any religion who choose to veil. This act not only shows support of women who choose to veil, it is also a stand against the discrimination faced by so many women who cover.

Where to begin?

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6 Responses to The Limitlessness of Self-Importance

  1. Susan says:

    Where to begin indeed. Well, you can start by counting the number of contradictions in what Pagan Soccer Mom herself says.

  2. D says:

    I don’t see this as a bad thing per se. Embracing constraints is a time-tested method for both industrial development and personal well-being. It’s only when authorities start demanding them that they start causing problems. Of course, cultural differences can make it very hard to determine where coercion begins and free will ends.

  3. Jack B. says:

    Wow. The comments on that article are gold.

  4. What do you expect from a blog that has a “Mercury retrograde survival guide”?

    ::rolls eyes::

  5. Snippet says:

    Coming soon, a celebration of the joys of staying inside your home until a male relative agrees to escort you somewhere: “The Light Inside”

  6. On a Green Dogsled says:

    …like f—ing for virginity.

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