The Joy Of Obnox

Mr. Hume:  I’m pretty much with you on all that.

Casting around for book ideas a while ago, I thought of writing a nihilist’s handbook, with a title something like You’re A Smart Ape, There Is No God, And Your Thoughts Stop When You Die.  After mulling it over, though, I discarded the idea.  No market.

I wish, by the way, that the English language had a more euphonious word for “the quality of being obnoxious.”  I keep wanting to say “obnoxity,” but it’s not in any dictionary.  “Obnoxiousness” is clumsy to the point of being … obnoxious.

“Not nostrums but normalcy” — Warren G. Harding.

“Not obfuscation but obnoxity” — Bradlaugh.

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