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On Living in a Theocracy

Gulf News: Manama: Saudi Arabia’s efforts to edge closer to setting a minimum age for marriage have received a blow after the Grand Mufti said there was nothing wrong with girls below 15 getting married. “There is currently no intention … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia, a Reminder

Writing in the New York Times, Ed Husain: Let’s be clear: Al Qaeda, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Boko Haram, the Shabab and others are all violent Sunni Salafi groupings. For five decades, Saudi Arabia has been the … Continue reading

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The totalitarian Saudi regime has been busy again. The Daily Telegraph’s Damian Thompson reports: …The long-cherished ambition of Saudi Arabia’s ruling Wahhabi sect to smash up the ancient buildings of Mecca and Medina is nearing fruition. In Mecca, the house … Continue reading

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