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History Lesson

Brie foe, Chablis fighter and Creationist Tim Pawlenty tries his hand at history: We need to remember as others try to push out or marginalise people of faith—we need to remember this and always remember it—the constitution was designed to … Continue reading

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No Cliché Left Behind

Pitchfork Pawlenty’s condescending cultural stereotyping doesn’t just include Brie. Chablis is, apparently, unacceptable too: “When you listen to the elites and the pundits talk about the Tea Party movement, or they talk about us as conservatives, they may not always … Continue reading

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Passed on Without Comment

Via The Corner, the latest from Creationist Tim Pawlenty: Pawlenty also made a strong pitch for the support of the religious right. “God is in charge,” he said, criticizing the “naysayers who try to crowd out God.” If God is … Continue reading

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2012: One “Frontrunner”, Lame

Here’s the new Esquire interview with Creationist Tim Pawlenty, one of the GOP frontrunners (allegedly) for 2012. Nothing on where he stands on evolution, but the governor’s views (such as one can make them out amid the waffle) on the … Continue reading

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