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The Rise of The Religious Left

The piece of data that lies at the heart of Charles Blow’s Saturday New York Times piece is obvious when you come to think about it, but it’ll still come in handy as an argument for questioning certain stereotypes about … Continue reading

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Church & State

  England has a state church (a fact that–quite reasonably–gives that church, the Church of England, some privileges), but only the one. Now it seems luckless Brits are going to have to put up with this:  John Denham, the communities secretary, said … Continue reading

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More from the Religious Left

In a piece of utterly unremarkable news, the Archbishop of Canterbury argues here for more taxes, attacks “fantasies of unlimited growth”, calls for “sustainability” (defined, presumably, by him and those like him) and once again raises suspicions that he’s just another cleric who can’t … Continue reading

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