Church & State

England has a state church (a fact that–quite reasonably–gives that church, the Church of England, some privileges), but only the one. Now it seems luckless Brits are going to have to put up with this:
 John Denham, the communities secretary, said the values of Christians, Muslims and other religions were essential in building a “progressive society”…Mr Denham revealed that a new panel of religious experts has been set up to advise the Government on making public policy decisions. The move has been criticised by secularists who warned that it represented a worrying development. However, Mr Denham argued that Christians and Muslims can contribute significant insights on key issues, such as the economy, parenting and tackling climate change.
 H/t David Thompson who also has a few unkind remarks to make about absurd comments recently made by the absurd Archbishop of Canterbury and on which I posted here yesterday.
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2 Responses to Church & State

  1. Namloc says:

    Labour could improve their policy-making even more if they also submitted important decisions to the judgment of the I Ching.

  2. Kevembuangga says:


    This is more likely to be effective than you think: pondering any question by addding to the mix a randomly choosen perplexing “thought” of purported well meaning “wisdom” prevents you to get stuck in obsessive-compulsive nonsense.

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